Grumpy Bert !!

So my not so grumpy friend and his amazingly sweet girlfriend opened their new shop in Brooklyn, NY this past weekend! Grumpy Bert is a shop // gallery with a collection of cutesy / artsy gifts, designer toys, art prints / books / magazines and apparel. Check out his website and see what he’s all about. Anytime  you see “Grumpy Bert” in this entry, you can click on it to get to the site. His girlfriend, who decorated her section of the store so beautifully., might I add. No seriously, it’s like straight out of an Anthropolgie catalog! Anyway she will host her writing workshops at the location as well, and that is known as Lost Lit. I signed up for workshop info so when I go I’ll have to share about that because I feel it’s going to be amazing!

We met when we worked at a local marketplace in Brooklyn, NY known as Dekalb Market. Dekalb was a neat spot where Urban Space turned dozens of shipping containers into tiny retail and food stores. All businesses were small businesses so the vibe was very passionate, full of ambition and goals of all shapes and sizes. They had tons of concerts, movie nights and great street vendors on the weekends. I was the personal // creative assistant to the owner of Limegreen who’s shop was right next door Grumpy Bert! So when Dekalb Market, unfortunately, closed their gates and all businesses had to close, Grumpy Bert decided to open his store in Brooklyn, NY.

So his grand opening event took place this past weekend and I was lucky enough to help him and girlfriendset up and photograph their event!

We started the evening with a great independent film, funded by POV, called “Off and Running” an award winning film on adoption, a super unique family, and a girl coming of age. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009 and can be purchased via netflix. The film was moving, eye opening and spectacular! We were graced with a Q & A with one of the members of the family and the producer of the film, who inspired us with their words and had a blast with us in the reception that followed. Not to mention their adorable pug who would grace us with his presence at the market, won the hearts of many at the Grand opening as well. I encourage anyone living in NY or happen to be in the area, to check grumpybert :: Grumpy Bert — 82 Bond St. (between Atlantic and State) — Brooklyn, NY 11217

Photos by LindsNicole — me !!

See more photos from the event on my photo blog ::



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