Through eyes…

Through the eyes of the person flying by, trying to reach their destination. Avoiding eye contact in fear of starting a conversation at 3:30am. This place could really be a gold mine for finding love, networking and other endless possibilities.

Through my eyes as I get older I am seeing it for what it is. A place to send smiles, share laughs, tell stories, meet new people, share silent prayers-all a place you once called ‘home’.

Through your eyes you saw adventure, a future, a place where chance meet opportunities. For so long it was your dream and you actually were living out your dream. And that dream took you to heaven-literally.

I wonder sometimes if God tries to stop us or steer us away from those people or things we love because He knows it could kill us-literally. But we so badly long for it He just allows us to get it because He gave us the gift of free choice. Like in the case of my father wanting to be a pilot, bringing individuals safely to their destinations. If my father could see into the future and witness his own plane crash and see that he accomplished his dream of becoming a pilot I think he would have swapped that dream for another. He would not have left this earth leaving his 2 daughters and pregnant wife (carrying his only son he never got the chance to meet) alone in this world.

It is a very interesting concept that our dreams could in turn be the end of us-literally. Is it not worth going after? I think not. Just a deep thought to ponder. I am now at a place in my life where I have accepted what has happened then and since then. I am grateful for my life story. It is not what you are dealt with, but how you deal with it.

Through my eyes I saw a lovely life providing for his family the best he could, by living out his dream. xoxo J


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