Posted in June 2012

Give me love over this.

On May 20th, I got a tattoo that says (well its exactly what the title of this entry is) ‘Give me love over this’ (and it has a little heart on the end). I’m totally obsessed with it and I have wanted it since I was in high school. Those lyrics by Coldplay truly help … Continue reading

Nay Sayers.

(Photo by LindsNicole– Me!!) I do indeed have the artistic sense in the very marrow of my bones. -Van Gogh My friend ripped this out of her sketch book and gave it to me today. We were discussing art, wonder, passions, and life like always in our days full of daydreaming deep conversation. We were … Continue reading

We. Love. Food!

We. Love. Food!

The perfect little snack when you are craving something sweet. 130 calories. Good source of potassium. All-natural ingredients!

Get in there like swimwear folks – you’re gonna be in love after bite numero uno.

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Memory Lane

I love friendship! Laughing together til my cheeks hurt Grinning at each other over something “only we would get” Missing one another after a couple of hours of being apart Doing the most embarrassing things that the public eye should never and will never see Experiencing the most hurt and sorrow over someone’s words, actions, … Continue reading


 (photo by LindsNicole–Me !!) Afraid Dorothee Soelle We are afraid of religion and of the community that goes hand in hand with it. It is difficult to control…. To pray, to experience common aspirations, to share with one another our fears as well as our hopes–such acts we find constricting…indeed quite unappealing. Prayers and songs … Continue reading

my life will never be the same.

I just want to make a shout out to all you iphone users/lovers. I have finally joined the club…and yes I feel so cool. I cannot put it down, maybe this is what it feels like when you have a newborn baby…I am not sure, but the joy I feel from my apps, the camera, … Continue reading

Oh she’s a gold digger!

It’s funny. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know.       Each sphere of life is flooded with different opinions, beliefs and answers, all vying for the number one spot of being deemed as TRUTH.  In schools, teachers and administrators spend hours discussing the best way to teach reading:      “We … Continue reading

Just Call Us Eco Girls!

(photo by LindsNicole–me !!) It’s so funny that Jazzy wrote about saving the animals the other day because here I am about to mention a little something about recycling! Just shows how much alike we are 🙂 I was doing some bridal for one of my dear little friends Raleigh, NC this past weekend. While … Continue reading