oh hey I’m back!

Ever start so strong? Like you are just totally all about what you are doing? Nothing can stop you or get in your way? That is how I was about writing entries on this site. Honestly, out of nowhere I feel I should be sharing my thoughts to the world and it is all I want to do. I have so much to say and to let people know and I want to start connecting and meeting new people and hearing about their ideas.
So much has happened since I have last written. I am older, changed, bolder, and have actually taken the word adventure by the hand and have so many ahead of me…for the summer alone! I am heading to Florida next week, CO and Texas next month and then Buffalo in Aug, can we say ‘best summer ever?!?!’ Watch out for all of you who come in contact with me, because I am overjoyed!
On that note. I am open to comments on fun places to go in Destin Fl, Denver/Boulder CO and Dallas!! 🙂 Thanks pearls xo J


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