Vocab Bocab

Phrases of Choice

your.mom \yer-‘yur-‘yor-‘mum-‘mem/ 1. : sarcastic phrase used as response : sarcastic phrase used randomly in a sentence sarcastic phrase used whenever felt necessary <I always go there and I love it!…(response) Your mom has always gone there and never made it a big deal so…>

oh yeah. oh yeah \oh-‘yea-‘yea/ 1. : phrase from Kourtney and Kim Take New York Episode : used when excited about something < Can’t wait for coffee time, oh yeah oh yeah!>

never.cared \nev-‘er-kar-‘d/ 1. : matter of fact statement as a response to someone or a circumstance < Did you know your hair is sticking out?…”I’ve never cared…”>

oh.honeyyy  \o-‘hun-‘nee/ 1. : used to express remorse, love, adoration, and excessive cuteness < Dog runs into a glass door…(response) oh honeyyy.>

in.there.like.swimwear \in-‘ther-‘lik-‘swim-‘wer/ 1. : affirming a decision or suggestion < Movies later? …(response) I’m in there like swimwear.>

do.it.kunkin.to it \’du-‘it-‘kun-‘kin-‘tu-‘it/ believe.it.if.you.dream.it \’be-‘lev-‘it-‘if-‘yu, ‘ye-‘drem-‘it/ 1. : to do something; usually followed by a “yeah, yeah” < I think we should call her…(response) lets do it kunkin to it, yeah yeah.> 2. : to do something; usually followed by a “yeah, yeah” < I really want to buy these pants though…(response) believe it if you dream it, yeah yeah.>

you.know.it.don’t.condone.it \’yu-‘no-‘it-‘dont-‘ken-‘don-‘it/ 1. : a “yes” response to a question and/or statement; occasionally followed by a “yeah yeah”  < Did you see the note I left ya?…(response) you know it don’t condone it, yeah yeah.>

just.call.me/us/him/her  \jest, ‘just-‘kol-‘me/’es/’im,’him/(h)er,’her/ 1. : reiterating who someone is based off of something done or said <after saying the same thing as someone else one would say; “just call us twins!”>

thanks.and.spanks \’thanks-‘an(d)-‘spanks/ tank.tou \’tank-‘tu/ tanks. \’tanks/ oh.sank.tou \’o-‘sank-‘tu/ 1. : thank you < aww you look so pretty in that photo!.. (response) thanks and spanks! // tank tou! // tanks // oh sank tou!>

duh.we.be.doowann.(dayat) \’de-‘we-‘be-‘du-‘wan/ duh.we.be.likin.(dayat) \’de-‘we-‘be-‘lik-‘ing/ 1. : stating something that we are going to do and/or like < are you guys going to watch Princess and the Frog?…(response) duh we be doowann.  2. : sometimes just duh we be is used by itself. 3. : (dayat) means that; refer to “words of choice” section.

I’ll.keel.ya \’i-(-e)l, ‘al-‘kee-(e)l-‘ya I’ll.punch.ya \’i-(-e)l, ‘pench-‘ya/ 1. : when someone says something that we don’t like < hmm..that was really embarrassing for you.. (response) I’ll keel //punch ya

ju.know.eet \’ju-‘no-‘eet/ 1. : you know it : phrase of agreeing with or affirming < uhh we’re kind of the best…(response) ju know eet

sadness’.house \’sad,’nesses-‘haus/ 1. : referring to something that is sad <learning news about a sad event… (response) uhh sadness’ house…

that’s.embarrassing. \’thats-‘im-‘ber-‘es-‘ing/ 1. : calling someone out when they doing that is an embarrassment to life < someone says “ruby tuby’s” instead of “Ruby Tuesday’s”…(response) hmmm that’s embarrassing

quiet.corners.of.my.heart \’kwi-‘et-‘kor-‘ners-‘of-‘ev-‘mi, ‘me-‘hart/ 1. : expressing feelings that are hidden deep within < in relation to a deep conversation…(response) yeah, that’s how I’m feeling in the quiet corners of my heart>

leetle.beet \’lee-’til-‘bee-‘t/ 1. : a little bit < I’m coming over in a leetle beet>

an.I.looovee.it \’an-‘i-lev-‘it/ 1. : and I love it; said with a tune in the voice < after a good idea is stated…(response) an I looovee it>

oh.oh \(‘)o-(‘)0/ 1. : “got it” ; “oh ok” < why did you have to go back inside? .. I left my sunglasses in the kitchen. …(response) oh oh.

oh.what.a.good.girl//boy  \(‘)o-‘hwat-‘a-‘gud-‘ger( -e)l — ‘boi/ 1. : expressing when someone or something does a good job or is cute ; usually said in a tune < driving down the street and you pass a dog… (response) oh what a good girl or boy! >

dis.gur.wight.hee \’dis-‘gur-‘wite-‘hee/ 1. : this girl right here : referring to someone who did something of “out of control” status < after someone says something loudly that no one else was suppose to hear…(response) dis gur wight hee

lovie.long.time \’le-‘ve-long-‘time/

1. : long  time < I haven’t heard this jam in a lovie longtime>


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