Power of 3


     Jessica, Brittany and Lindsay, who also call themselves the power of 3, are “full of life” as they like to put it. Making themselves and others laugh is their daily goal which is easily achieved everyday. They have common loves, ideas, tastes, and most importantly they are followers of Christ. However, as similar as they are, they are very different and it is the differences which add the perfect amount of flair to their relationship. They have experienced all types of trials and conflicts, as does every friendship in the world, but the power of 3 has conquered them all. You might say their friendship means more than just a lot to them. They are sisters! You see it through the way they interact with each other. They finish each other’s sentences, read minds at times and understand each other without using real words! 

     Time spent together normally consists of talking (about any and everything), laughing, eating, singing&dancing, and sporadic planning on how to start something great to help others – which is exactly how this blog was created. Through this space, they hope to encourage, challenge, share and reach out to those in need. As they grow individually and as a team, so will this blog and as a result so will the ability to reach out more and more. So in closing, as the girls would say, “loves and doves!” Check out the dictionary page for meanings to all their many and interesting words of choice. Ciao!

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