Posted in July 2012

Fill me up Lord.

Running on empty, burdened for all the hurt in the world. I feel like there has been so much pain in the world, and now there is more…my poor beloved cousin was killed. I cannot get over how heartless people can be. I am sorry for those of you who’s heart is aching as mine … Continue reading

Morning Fog

(picture by Denver Post)      It’s 11:00pm on Thursday night, July 19th 2012.  You’re standing in line to buy your ticket, trying to look inconspicuous while the bulges from your pockets give away the twizzlers and raisinettes you are attempting to sneak into the theater.  But you don’t care! This is it – the night you and your friends … Continue reading

Food for Thought

I get these little excerpts emailed to me everyday from Inward/Outward. Tell me what you think:   Spiritual Connection Thich Nhat Hanh Humans have been trying to fill the hole within ourselves by looking outside of ourselves. We were taught to look outside, to external manifestations to meet our needs, to find out who we … Continue reading

The ocean.

As I lay out at my new backyard- the beach. The waves crash aggressively as they reach the shore. Screaming, wanting more but they know once they reach that point they have lived their life. Is that how it is for us? We are a vast ocean with so much to see, achieve, love, gain…and … Continue reading


Photo by LindsNicole — me !! It has been quite some since I’ve written in here. I even had the nerve to tell the girls that we really should write some posts! The truth is that I’ve honestly tried. I really have. I tried to write something to you all but I couldn’t. I opened … Continue reading


Card & Photo by LindsNicole — me !! The sissys and I, well you can call us artists if you’d like, maybe just creative individuals is more your use of words. Either way, whether it’s creating, designing, using our imagination (yes, we are still using our imagination at ages 23, 24, and 25!), we love … Continue reading