Meet the Sissy’s

Jessica Leigh Payne ♥ 

            Daughter of Christ, zealous runner & zumba lover with a heart for traveling and an eye for fashion.  Currently living in CT with my dreams of impacting the lives of broken women and young girls by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  

Lindsay Nicole Payne ♥

     Living for God, lover of: arts & crafts, The Arts, photography, journaling, travel&adventure, smiling, serving & working hard! Creative Assistant at Limegreen.  Currently residing in NY where I am pursuing my dreams! 

Brittany-Paige Kimlingen ♥    

     Jesus lover & follower, aspiring painter, fashionista, love different cultures, travel and the feeling of being somewhere out of my comfort zone!  ELL Tutor and Soccer, Basketball and Track Coach.  Currently living in CT, working towards my dreams of writing, speaking and changing the world.


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