Time. This four letter word, so small yet so powerful….
It can make or break a big game.
It can ease the pain or hurt of loosing someone you love or an ended relationship.
It can be your worst enemy after weeks of procrastination and the next day that paper or test is due.
It would be the anticipation after the 40 long weeks of carrying your baby to hear the long awaited words of “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”
It would be marked on your calendars and everyone would know when to arrive to see those two special people say “I Do”
It could be that very moment you laid eyes on that special someone you knew would be the one.
It could be that distinct moment when you realize never again, and you are changed from that point on.
You can never escape this word, and no matter what you try to do, your life is based around this word. What are you doing with your time? Like my dear friend Mary says, “It takes time, to give it time.” So give it time and stay focused. In loving memory of my friend Mira Park. 💛 Stay classy pearls, Jessy xo


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