Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Opportunities

I know recovery is taking place, but as all wounds heal, there are still bouts of physical pain, the pain in memories, and the pain in the constant reminder of the damage that’s been done in the scar that’s left behind. BUT…know that many are praying for you and help is available and more to come! I found this on Tumblr yesterday:

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

Anne Frank (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


It’s hard to see the light in dark times and joy in the sad times, but it’s the best way begin healing and to start a new chapter in a positive and uplifting note. Be encouraged ❤

Here are some links to volunteer or receive help from:: 

If you are in NY around NY//NJ and are able and/or looking for places to volunteer at HillsongNYC has tweeting areas that are seeking helpers :

My church, MovementNYC, has also found some places that are looking for helpers as well :


Hope for New York > Hurricane Relief

Hfny also has a site dedicated to hurrican relief help.

Hope for New York is working with our non-profit affiliates to determine how best to meet the needs of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. In the coming days, we anticipate that those in Lower Manhattan, South Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island will need assistance in a myriad of ways.

American Red Cross
They will train you quickly and you can help at shelters.

New York Cares :: Volunteer Opportunities
NEW YORKERS :: Follow the MTA on Twitter for all transit updates >>

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Opportunities

    • For some reason your post went to our spam! But I just read this and it was such a joy to see! We hope you are continually encouraged and we hope you share with any and everyone you can. The goal of this blog to bring light, encouragement, and joy so your feedback is extremely helpful! 🙂 Have a fabulous day! — The Sissys

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